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September Evenings

As summer days fade away, the signs of autumn begin to surround us with changing leaves and cooler air. Vacation may be over, but we can still sit back, relax and appreciate the crisp beauty that is September.

Cherish September by spending crisp evenings outside. Gather around a fire or curl up in blankets and watch as the sun lowers over the golden leaves.

KimChairPair (4)
Two Scandia Chairs and an Ottoman Lean Back to Create a Super Bed

The Scandia chairs featured above in upstate NY, make for the perfect cozy outdoor evening setup. This outdoor chair doubles as a recliner, giving you the freedom of leaning back. This chair moves with you! Just pop open the FlipBar and lean as far back as you please. If you find yourself dozing off, lean all the way back and pull the ottoman in to create an outdoor cot bed.

What better way to wind down than to cozy up and breathe in the fresh autumnal air than in a Just Lean Back chair?

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Queen SofaBed is compact and fits great in this small guest room

We make the Queen SofaBeds with the same seating dimensions as the Full... so you get the super comfortable sitting ergonomics of the Nikita design without any bulk. It still measures only 37" from the wall to "knees". And it just leans back to a true Queen Bed. Just use regular queen sheet.  Richard and Regina chose the box cushions for this Ash Scandia Sofabed because they love the tailored look and the super, easy, no-effort conversion from bed to sofa and sofa to bed.

Customers visiting our booth at the Syracuse Show


It is always, every time, and it does happen often, a thrill for me when customers stop by our display at a show, and share with me eagerly how much they love their JustLeanBack furnishings. Thought I would share this pic with just such a couple. Richard and Regina bought a queen Scandia Sofabed with box cushions for their guest room in their lovely Binghamton, NY home. I will post a picture of it in the next blog post.

Can you imagine a better outdoor sofabed than this one?

OK. We, at JustLeanBack, go all out so you can go all out. We make your outdoor sofabed with rot resistant solid hardwood. Put it together with rust resistant stainless steel. Cover it with teak oil. Make cushions out of the best weather resistan fabrics and fibres. And, we give you a cutom-made protecitve cover. And, if that is not enough... it is so comfortable, so easy to use... that you will want to live out there on the deck. And, hey, why not? So... can you imagine a better outdoor sofabed than this one?ScandiaSofaLake 15

Outdoor SofaBed for the Deck! Watch it roll and Just Lean Back

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