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SCANDIA Ash & Dark Walnut / Box Cushions / Linen & Renaissance SET $1971
SCANDIA Ash & Dark Walnut / Box Cushions / Linen & Renaissance  SET $1971
Twin Bed
FREEDOM with Box Cushions

Indoor Big Chair

The indoor Big Chair can be thought of as an over-sized chair or a mini loveseat. It is a recliner too. Just pop open the FlipBar and lean back. Together with its matching ottoman it makes a twin bed. Rolls easily on its wheels.

Sizes: Twin
Styles: Scandia / Freedom
  • Description

The Big Chair leans back into a perfectly stable and flat surface that is 2/3rds of a twin bed. Pull up the ottoman to complete a TWIN Bed. For Big Chairs with box cushions, you may want to put a duvet, blanket or topper on top of the 3 box cushions and under your fitted sheet - which keeps the cushions together. Big Chairs with box cushions can be enjoyed as recliners that just lean back as you lean back -just pop open the FlipBar and you are in motion mode. To return to a simple Big Chair - just pop the FlibBar back in. Big Chairs with bendable mattresses make both great chairs and beds but are not as responsive in the motion mode as the mattress tends to recline quickly to flat.

Product Dimensions

plus-icon Scandia Big Chair Bed TWIN SIZE
Measurements in Inches
Dimensions Include Cushion or Mattress
Big Chair: 45 L x 36 W x 31 H (Backrest)
Seat: 20 high
Flat: 54 L x 45 W x 20 H
Mattress Only: 54 x 39
Matching Ottoman Makes Twin Bed: 39x 21
Total combined Bed: 75 x 39
plus-icon Freedom Big Chair Bed TWIN SIZE
Measurements in Inches
Dimensions include cushion or mattress
Big Chair: 39 L x 36 W x 31 H (Backrest)
Seat: 20 high
Flat: 54 L x 39 W x 20 H
Mattress Only: 54 x 39
Matching Ottoman Makes Twin Bed: 39x 21
Total combined Bed: 75 x 39

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Scandia Seating

The bold, clean style of the Scandia series is born of its simple, elegant efficiency. Scandia Seating is distinguished by the single, long, clear and beautiful, wide solid hardwood board that neatly joins complimentary arms and seemingly wraps around the two sides.When locked into the upright, the arms are parallel to the floor.


Freedom Seating 

The sleek and modern style of the Freedom series is enhanced by its free perimeter. Not only is it armless, but all of its structural components are recessed, creating a light look... like that of a "floating platform" for the cushion. This makes the Freedom Design easily accessable from all sides, for both sitting and sleeping, which is ideal for both casual environments and space-challenged settings.


Freedom Seating combines in a myriad of ways with each other to create larger units. So, you can let your imagination roll... and GO RECONFIGURE!



WhiteOakWhite Oak has a golden color similar to teak. Stronger and denser than its cheaper counterpart, red oak, it has a "closed cell" structure, called tyloses, which prevents moisture from penetrating. This makes it ideal for wine barrels and outdoor furnishings.

Suitable Environments:
Outdoor, Semi-Outdoor, Indoor



MahoganyMahogany has a rich reddish-brown color. We use Sapele, the cream of African Mahogany hardwoods in performance, stability and appearance. It has a grain and pore structure that is tighter than most other mahogany making it ideal for outdoor furnishings.

Suitable Environments:
Outdoor, Semi-Outdoor, Indoor



CherryCherry has a warm, reddish-brown color with a golden luster. Smooth and even silky to the touch, it is highly prized by cabinet makers. Freshly cut cherry is often pale, which then oxidizes to its famously rich, brown-red color with time.

Suitable Environments:
Semi-Outdoor, Indoor


AshAsh is light in color, similar to maple. Its beautiful grain stains easily to almost any color. Strong and tough yet elastic, it is ideal for products demanding high strength and resiliency including baseball bats, axe handles and convertible furniture.

Suitable Environments:
Semi-Outdoor, Indoor

Cushion Types

boxycushionBox Cushions for Seating are made of 2 separate "boxy" cushions: one for the seat and one for the backrest. In a box cushion, the boxycushion1upholstery fabric is an integral part of the cushion - it is the actual casing. It is “permanent”. Our box cushions have hidden zippers and inserts may be removed from the casing. Restuffing inserts into casings will likely need to be done by a professional.  Box cushions made with any fabric or leather may be used indoors. For outdoor use, choose a Sunbrella or Outdura fabric. All of our cushions are made by us in our sewing shop.

mattressMattresses that Bend

The great thing about these plush mattresses is that they are thick q sc sofa black heidcamp 10and comfy yet they BEND. Comfy for sitting and great for sleeping. We offer 3 different mattresses from GOLD BOND, a 100 year old, made in America company. If you prefer a mattress model not listed here - let us know - we can get it for you.  The upholstery fabric for mattresses is a completely separate item from the mattress. It is called a slipcover and is like a giant snug-fitting pillow case with a very, very long zipper. It is easily removable for cleaning or re-styling.  


Indoor Fabric

We are partnering with 2 of the leading slipcover makers in America. You may pick from any of their fabrics. So go ahead and click on the link buttons below and explore. You will be able to see the price category for each fabric in the PRICE REFERENCER on the right side of the page. Suitable for indoor furniture only.

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