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Cushion Types

Tailored Box Cushions or One-piece Bendable Mattress?

boxycushionBox Cushions for Seating are made of 2 separate "boxy" cushions: one for the seat and one for the backrest. In a box cushion, the upholstery fabric is an boxycushion1integral part of the cushion - it is the actual casing. It is “permanent”. Our box cushions have hidden zippers and inserts may be removed from the casing. Restuffing inserts into casings will likely need to be done by a professional.  

Box cushions made with any fabric or leather may be used indoors. For outdoor use, choose a sunbrella fabric. All of our cushions are made by us in our sewing shop.


boxychaiseBox Cushions for Chaise Lounge are made of 3 cushions and 2 hinges. Stylish, plush, and comfy box cushions are made with ultra Foam and a lot of ultra boxychaise1cushion fleece. Ideal for everyday sitting, reclining and every night sleeping... even on your lovely back porch.

Your fitted sheet keeps the cushions together for sleeping. For extra plushness, you may want to throw a duvet or mattress pad over the cushions and under the fitted sheet.

mattressMattresses that Bend
The great thing about these plush mattresses is that they are thick and comfy mattress1yet they BEND. Comfy for sitting and great for sleeping. We offer 3 different mattresses from GOLD BOND, a 100 year old, made in America company. If you prefer a mattress model not listed here - let us know - we can get it for you.

The upholstery fabric for mattresses is a completely separate item from the mattress. It is called a slipcover and is like a giant snug-fitting pillow case with a very, very long zipper. It is easily removable for cleaning or re-styling. 





Semi-outdoor & Indoor. 


Ultra Plush.  

Six layers of super-soft foam wrapped in our exclusive JOY® natural cotton batting gives the FeatherTouch II futon mattress a softness and luxury that lives up to its name.

Six 2" Layers of Convoluted Foam.

Custom Blended Cotton Batting Surrounds the Comfort Layers.





Indoor only. 


With Memory Foam.  

The ViscoCoil 2 brings together the benefits of innerspring mattresses with the outstanding support of memory foam. With the exclusive SuperCenter innerspring unit providing firm, restful support, the layers of memory foam conform to your body's every curve and contour. Add Gold Bond's own blend of cotton batting and you're looking at a great night's sleep.
Single sided, 312-13 1/2 gauge Bonnel spring unit.  

2.5" of visco memory foam, 30 lbs of Joy cotton batting.



Indoor only. 


Exceptional Plushness and Support.  

The Standard Double Foam Core futon mattresses feature simple, traditional comfort with the natural benefits of our JOY® cotton blend and the suppleness of two layers of foam.  

Two Layers of Solid 1.5" Foam for Maximum Resiliency and Cushioning.  

Dense Cotton Batting Surrounds the Foam Layers




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