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All our Designs Just Lean Back into Stable Beds
•Choose from Two Seating Lines and the Chaise Lounger Line available in all standard bed sizes. 
•Every unit may be ordered in any of our woods with any of our finishes, with either box cushions or a mattress and with any of our indoor or outdoor fabrics or leather. 
•See Locations Page for suitable components for indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor environments.  

framestyle2Scandia Seating The Bold Simple Style of Elegant Efficiency

The bold, clean style of the Scandia series is born of its simple, elegant efficiency. All Scandia Convertibles are distinguished by the single, long, clear and beautiful, wide solid hardwood board that neatly joins complimentary arms and seemingly wraps around the two sides. The Scandia style, pure and bold, commands a room when it should. And yet, because it is simple and transitional, it can harmonize and blend in with any room setting, with just about any style decor, anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors.

Integrated Design
The single, wide front board that is signature to the Nikita Scandia Series is, unlike in other sofabed designs, not a cosmetic coverup of the "double chin" look (see DESIGN COMPARISON) but an integral and functional part of the Nikita "uniframe" or "one frame" design. The beautiful wide board not only accounts for the desirably clean aesthetics of the Scandia line, it provides essential strength! (See how our Uniframe Design requires less materials for maximum performance, at Green Policy and GOODesign MADE IN USA ).

framestylefreedomFreedom Seating Sleek, Strong and Free

The sleek and modern style of the Freedom series is enhanced by its free perimeter. Not only is it armless, but all of its structural components are recessed, creating a light look... like that of a "floating platform" for the cushion.This makes the Freedom Design easily accessable from all sides, for both sitting and sleeping, which is ideal for casual environments and space-challenged settings.
The free perimeter allows it to be combined with other pieces to create Sectionals, Large Beds and/or Loungers.  When serving as a bed, the Freedom Sofa is a true bed. A rock solid, stable platform bed. It is such a good bed, we like to call it a Bed Sofa (instead of Sofa Bed).  Yet, it is a real sofa, with its ergonomically pitched and standard height seat. In short, it is free of compromise. It is, The quintessential sofabed.

framestylechaiseloungeChaise Lounge Fully contoured chaise, with ergonomically lowered seat and raised knee yet levels out to perfectly flat...just by leaning back!

Ideal for the pool and patio. Ideal for the bedroom and den. Imagine, sunning by the pool on a "curvy, comfortable" lounger and then, when you feel like it, just rolling over, stretching out flat and sleeping. 
Have you ever wished that your bed could be propped up for reading or watching a movie? Or maybe you have a need to be slightly propped up when sleeping...  By day, it's a cool chaise lounger that even has a "drop leg" footrest. By night it is a stable, free-perimeter, adjustable, platform bed. The SURE STOP RECLINE KIT comes standard on Chaise ... so you can recline at any angle you choose.  The cot chaise fits through most doorways ...so you can roll it from one room to another ... or from the den out onto the deck and then on to the dock.

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