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Why SmartFutons?

Our SmartFutons really are different and better...

If you want to know how they are different and why they are better... then

1.  Watch the VIDEOS to see how easily they operate:   Just Lean Back Youtube

2.  Notice the Wheels and FlipBar and Just Lean Back simplicity  

3.  See the INTEGRATED STRUCTURE and know how strong they are.  
     We put 10 people on a bare frame ... that's about 1500 pounds!

4.  Look at the DESIGN COMPARISON for a point by point blow of a "regular" futon versus a JustLeanBack SmartFuton    

5.  Flip through our MODULAR OPTIONS   and get blown away by all the possible combinations   

6.  Watch Jeff's Videos - he calls them WHEEL FRAMES:   J & M Futon

     FYI ... we like to call them BedSofas... cause they are perfectly stable beds that convert up into sofas. 

7.  Read our GREEN POLICY and know that JustLeanBack Designs and Production System are QUINTESSENTIAL- that is, waste not, want not.

8.  Feel good about MADE IN THE USA!  For us, though, we only feel good if its GOODesign.

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