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Modular Options Summary

Go Reconfigure! Roll units together to make various seating and sleeping arrangements.

Below is a list of possibilities according to size.

Cot Beds 28 x 75

Scandia Chair & Ottoman
Freedom Chair & Ottoman
Freedom Chaise ~ Cot

Twin Beds 39 x 75

Scandia Big Chair & Ottoman
Freedom Big Chair & Ottoman
Freedom Chaise ~ Twin

Full Beds 54 x 75

Scandia Sofa
Freedom Sofa
Freedom Chaise ~ FullScandia Loveseat & Ottoman
Scandia Loveseat & Freedom Chair (Extra-long Full Bed)
Freedom Loveseat & Ottoman
Freedom Loveseat & Freedom Chair (Extra-long Full Bed)
Three Freedom Chairs
Two Freedom Big Chairs

Queen Beds  60 x 80

Scandia Queen Sofa
Freedom Queen Sofa
Freedom Chaise ~ Queen
Scandia Queen Loveseat & High-back Freedom Chair
Freedom Queen Loveseat & High-back Freedom Chair
Two Cot Freedom Chaise Loungers 

King Beds 75 x 78 or 78 x 78

Freedom Chaise ~ King Size
Freedom Sofa & Cot Chaise
Two Twin Freedom Chaise Loungers
Two Freedom Big Chairs and Matching Ottomans

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