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Catskill Woodnet's Joshua Van Brakle and Tara Collins interview Nikita 

catskillmemberpng204pxNikita chats with Joshua VanBrakle and Tara Collins of the NY Watershed Agricultural Council. Topics range from living and working in the Catskills to sustainable design and production. Nikita talks about how his designs have evolved from the first patented futon sofabed (which was granted to him while living in upstate New York in the 1980s) to his new and current line of Convertible Furnishings for Indoors AND Outdoors. Josh, Tara and Nikita talk about mass-customization for wood products and the need to build durable goods that WON’T end up in our land fills. Its an interesting and fun “listen” – so we invite you to relax, just lean back and listen to the conversation. http://www.nycwatershed.org/wiox041311.html

Several times, in the mid-1980s, Nikita Grigoriev applied for a U.S. Patent on "Smart Frames," the simple basis of his and wife Joanne's current futon business. Rejection followed rejection. Finally his lawyer told him: Let's take the frame to the U.S. Patent Office and show them. So Grigoriev took out the three bolts that hold the frame together, pocketed them, and put the wooden pallets under his arm. 

Shop Talk: Nikita Indoor Outdoor furniture

Shop Talk is a weekly column featuring locally owned and operated businesses. This week, we talk to Nikita Grigoriev, owner and inventor of the Nikita Indoor Outdoor furniture line. Read more...

Futons are an interesting category of furniture as they weren’t so much established in main stream retail stores originally but in specialty stores and waterbed stores. Looking back over the last twenty five years since futons first came onto the scene is an interesting look into the birth of a furniture category that would soon become a household name.

WoodNet Members Showcase Pure Catskills Wood Products at Architectural Digest Show

On March 26-29, 2009, ten Catskill WoodNet members joined forces with wood products firms in New England to showcase a variety of hand-crafted items in the 2009 Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Read more...

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